About... Brewing

Brewing coffee: a ritual

The final and most important stage of a bean’s lifespan, that for us is a ritual we zealously follow, is brewing or extraction.

The principal is the same no matter the method of preparation being espresso, french press, or whatever. You get coffee beans, grind them, and add water. What happens next is simple, the water starts to extract flavour compounds from the coffee. Now, depending on the time the water stays with the coffee and other aspects, the flavour and body of the outcome would be either:

  • Sour/Oily
  • or Sweet/Syrupy
  • or Bitter/Thin

Surely, you can easily guess that a cup that has been brewed the right way should be sweet and syrupy and nothing else of the above.

The fundamental elements to get the right cup of coffee are:

  • The grinding of the beans depending on brewing method followed
  • The quality of the water used
  • The temperature of the water
  • The ratio of coffee to water
  • And brewing time.

We at Coffee Dive, make sure to offer you a cup of coffee with clearly recognisable individual tastes aftertastes and aromas for each of our coffees. A cup that is always sweet and syrupy. We guarantee, not only the quality of the beans and their freshness but also that we abide by our rules so that you get a “perfect” cup of coffee each time.