About... Roasting

So, we managed to get our hands on top quality specialty green coffee, now what?

Roasting… not scorching!

Next round up is roasting. In this round we are given a chance to reveal the individual character of each specialty coffee. At coffee Dive we manage this with the use of air roasters that do reveal the character and all the hidden goodies of a coffee. Our automated smart roasters nourish the coffee with hot air while internally the beans build up aromas and taste. And that’s how we achieve a perfect tasteful result each time we roast a coffee.

“That’s great!”, you may say, “and…”

“Nature, art and technology” we will say.

Nature with the help of the producer did what they had to do in order to get a bean that is full of taste and aromas provided it will be treated right.

The Art of roasting has to do with the senses, the nose, the ear, the eye. My grandfather used to say that clinking glasses was done during toasts, because sound helped to please all five senses, completing the drinking experience.  With coffee it is a little bit different. Coffee demands love and affection in all stages of production all the way to the cup. Especially during roasting, it becomes very eloquent. And if you miss a second you might end up with something different than intended.

And that is where technology kicks in. The roasters we are using are automated. Which means, once programmed they execute the same cycle over and over again. So for each coffee that is being hosted by us in our warehouse we try to get the ideal roasting profile in the lab, before released to the rest of the shops, aiming to achieve the “perfect” result. And that’s how we guaranty that every shop is offering the exact same freshly roasted coffee.