Coffee Secrets


To preserve and prolong the taste and the aromas of a freshly roasted coffee is to consume it the soonest possible especially if it is grinded.

Store your coffee in a shady cool place such as your cupboard.

Never store your coffee in the fridge.

A rule of thump would be to purchase smaller quantities of coffee so that you won’t have to store it for a long period of time. Especially if the coffee is ground.


apothikeusi coffee dive

Nothing can actually destroy a cup of coffee other than tap water full of chlorine.

99% of a cup of coffee is water and that is why a bad coffee is a result of bad tasting water. You could use filtered water that removes the chlorine and makes the water taste better.

Bottled water is not better as it is purified from any minerals that are responsible for highlighting certain aspects of a cup of coffee.

So do not use bottled water in your coffee unless your tap water is so bad that you can actually taste it…


0% fat or low fat milk does froth regardless of any myths. However, full cream milk produces a thicker, creamier and smoother froth than low fat milk.

Having said that, full fat milk does interact better with coffee acidity. The higher the acidity the rounder the cup. It is your choice


Cleaning your equipment thoroughly will only allow you to enjoy the best tasting coffee you can get with your equipment. Make sure that after every use you clean and not just wash out your machine from any oil residuals that may have been left behind from the coffee you just brewed.

The oils that remain in the machine do get stale and burned ending up into your cup the next time you use it.

clean coffee machine

Preheating your espresso machine or any coffee machine for that matter helps in producing a better cup of coffee. The same goes for your cup. Preheating your cup you prolongs the enjoyment as the heat from the coffee will not be absorbed by the cold cup.

If you like filtered coffee make sure you wet the paper filter before you add the coffee mainly to wash out that paper taste that goes into your cup,

warm up cup for coffee