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to own a coffee Dive shop, is a previlege…

 …and it does not only have to do with the uniqueness of the coffee and the way we make it, that alone places you at the top of the world (and we state this with full awareness and accepting EVERY challenge for comparison, wherever it comes from)

neither has to do with the safety of the investment and its return regardless of how valuable this could be.

The privilege to own a coffee Dive shop, has to do with the feedback you get from the people that appreciate what you give them and come in again and again, day after day.  It has to do with what you see (we see) on their faces, their satisfied expressions when they taste the coffee religiously prepared. When you understand, (we understand) from the tone of their voice, from their sigh, the passion and the craving to feel, taste and smell the coffee that is being handed to them. When they come back again and again more passionate than last time, asking for the same cup of coffee or something new, asking to taste the real McCoy.  When you know that they appreciate what you offer them. When you hear, “we cannot drink coffee anywhere else”.

 That’s the privilege I gained when I opened up my first shop. The first coffee Dive in Petralona Athens. I know very well, – they keep on telling me- that I make their day. That I make them feel, along with the team, special. Because for us at coffee Dive, they are!

Andy Stav,  Coffe Dive founder

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