Return Policy

Return Policy (rev. 2 from 09.07.2023)

Coffee Dive specific

Our coffee does not age on the shelves; we are the only micro-bakery (as far as we know) that can roast photocopies of the taste and smell of the same coffee, in small quantities (under 1kg/barrel). We will roast the coffee as a result of receiving the order and we will deliver it after roasting; so the time from receiving the order to the actual delivery can be 1-5 days.

Withdrawal from the contract.

O.U.G. 34/2014 provides for the right of the individual customer to cancel the purchase and return the products within 14 days; the deliveries made by Coffee Dive fall within the exceptions provided by the law in letter:

“c) supply of products made according to the specifications presented by the consumer or clearly customized”;

– the coffee is roasted to your order and possibly ground to the granulation requested by you.

At the same time, coffee deliveries can also fall under the exceptions provided for in the letters:

“d) providing products that are likely to deteriorate or expire quickly”;

– the recommended term of consumption of a freshly roasted coffee is a maximum of 45 days from the roasting date, no earlier than 5 days from the roasting date.

“e) the supply of sealed products that cannot be returned for health protection or hygiene reasons and that have been unsealed by the consumer”;

– coffee is a product covered by letter e.

Thus, if you have launched an order that is accepted and executed by Coffee Dive, the products (with clear reference to coffee) will not be able to be returned.


The customer fully assumes the rights and obligations arising from the purchase from the website and fully accepts the terms and conditions, the method of processing personal data, the return policy, the policy for making orders and delivery, Cookies policy.