Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions (rev. 2 of 09.07.2023)

SC COFFEE DIVE ROMANIA SRL with headquarters in Jud. Dambovița, Samurcași Village, Crevedia Commune, Str. Guliei 184C2, CUI RO41147220, J40/1002/2019 manages the internet domain www.coffeedive.ro.

Website Usage Policy

Accessing www.coffeedive.ro implies acceptance by you, as a user, of the conditions of use, Terms and Conditions. The Terms and Conditions can be changed and changes can be made to the www.coffeedive.ro website without prior notice. Access to the Terms and Conditions is permanent, except for periods when the site cannot be accessed for technical or administrative reasons. The Terms and Conditions page will contain the most recent version of these provisions.

Personal information

The purpose of requesting information on the site is to identify you or to be able to contact you in order to be able to respond to your interest in our products/services.

The information refers in particular to personal data (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.) and possibly other information closely related to the services/products that interest you.

Coffee Dive will maintain the confidentiality of this information and will make every effort for the proper functioning of the site; however, there may be interruptions in operation, or impossibility of access by Users, for an indefinite period of time, for any reason.

Right to Site Content

The entire content of the website www.coffeedive.ro, including texts, images, graphics, web graphic elements, scripts and any other data, is the property of Coffee Dive Romania SRL. The use without written consent of any elements on the website www.coffeedive.ro, or of any elements listed above is punishable according to the laws in force. The content of the site may not be reproduced, modified or used without the prior written consent of Coffee Dive.

Non-engagement of liability

The content of the information provides a general and not specific, nor exhaustive description of the activities, products and services presented on the website. The information may contain errors for which we assume no responsibility, but we undertake to correct them if they exist and are discovered or brought to our attention.

Site purchases

In order to be able to make purchases from the site it will be necessary to have a user account, for which you will receive a username and an access password. If we suspect illegal or dangerous activity, we reserve the right to block your access to use your account without any prior notice. Purchases from the site regarding participation in activities that do not take place online (e.g. training in the coffee field), require the presence in the location where the respective activities are carried out; Coffee Dive has no responsibility for providing transportation or accommodation. We reserve the right to select participants for our activities.

Price and payment methods

The prices presented include VAT and will be found on the invoice. Coffee DIve Romania SRL is a VAT payer. Payment can be made securely by card, from the website; the card processor is Netopia Payments.

Refund policy of paid amounts

1) the sums paid are returned in full if your notification is sent before we have processed your order;

2) the sums paid are not returned if your notification is sent after the moment when we started the execution of your order and which involves making to order – roasting the ordered coffee on the spot, the order to be delivered.

Account based orders

Any visitor can browse the content of the website. In order to be able to place orders on the site, you have to be authenticated as a registered user. You can not enrol by yourself, and only the administrator of the website can create user accounts. The number of user accounts is limited at a given number that ensures that we can face the demand with excellent care for all aspects of the orders and with good faith towards our promise for quality. For this reasons, even if you are being given the option to ask for a user account, we may not be able to satisfy your request at a specific time. In such a case, you will be notified and if you agree, you will be placed on the waiting list to inform you in the future, when we can create an account for you.


The customer fully assumes the rights and obligations arising from the purchase from the website www.coffeedive.ro and fully accepts the terms and conditions, the method of processing personal data, the return policy, the policy for making orders and delivery, Cookies policy.