Republica Dominicana

Capital: Santo Domingo

Area: 49,000 sq. km

Population: 10.53 million

Language: Spanish

Currency: Dominican Peso

Annual Production: 153,300 60kg Bags

Coffee Producing Area: 120,000 hectares [estimated]

Producing Regions: Cibao, Bani, Azua, Ocoa, Barahona and Juncalito.

Coffee Varietals: Bourbon, Caturra, Typica, Caturra, Catuai And Nuevo Mondo

Terrain: Rugged highlands and mountains with fertile valleys

Altitude: Mountain peaks at 1259 MASL, valleys at 0 – 600 MASL

Soil: Rich, fertile

Harvest: October-June

Coffee was introduced in the 1700’s to the Dominican Republic and has since been welcomed as a principal crop for small-scale farmers. The hilly landscapes, tropical forests and abundant rainfall provide an interesting eco-climate for coffee cultivation against medium altitudes at most. The cup profile tends to be full bodied with good aroma and acidity depending on the growing region. Bani leans towards a softer cup whereas Barahona boasts stronger acidity and a heavier body